Seetroen Motion Sickness Glasses

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 Planning a Boating Excursion, Road Trip, Airline Flight or Cruise but also are Anxious and Dreading the Nausea, Dizziness, and Vertigo that goes along with it? You are definitely not alone. It is estimated that Every Single Person experiences Motion Sickness at some point in their lives. Luckily, We have a Proven, Patented Solution for You! Like Magic, these Seetroen Motion Sickness Glasses ease Seasickness and Motion Sickness in a Matter of Minutes without the Tiring and Unhealthy Side Effects of Medicines and Herbal Remedies!

10 Minutes of Use Provides Long Lasting Relief!

Stay Alert and Ready to Enjoy your outing without Feeling Sick to your Stomach! All you have to do is Wear the Glasses for 10 minutes when You Feel the onset of Motion Sickness. That's Right! It Takes Only 10 minutes for the Glasses to Balance your Equilibrium, therefore Rapidly Relieving Nausea, Dizzy Spells, and Wooziness!

How They Work

Seetroen Glasses use Boarding Ring Technology, a Patented and Clinically Proven Method. The Frames are composed of 4 Rings filled with Colored Liquid. The Level of the Liquid Varies According to the Movement of the Head and Creates an Artificial Horizon in the User’s Vision. Which Re-Synchronizes the Eyes with the Body's Balance System. 

  • Healthy, Risk-Free & Fast-Acting Seetroen Anti Motion Sickness Glasses
  • Designed & Developed to Offer a Safer, Healthier Alternative
  • NO Side Effects – Safe for Elderly, Children & Pregnant Women
  • Only Have to Be Worn for 10 MINUTES – Effects Last & Last
  • The Glasses are Lens-less, so they Can be Shared between all Family Members and Traveling Companions
  • One-size-fits-all and can be Worn Over Prescription Glasses.
  • Best Choice for Long Drives, Aboard Watercraft, Flying, Carnival rides & Sickness triggering video games
  • PROVEN Award-Winning Technology, Recommended by Doctors Worldwide.

Due to Extremely High Demand, Please Allow 2-5 Weeks for Delivery.